We Still Have an Oligarchy

The Westhampton Free Library is still governed by an oligarchy though millions of our tax dollars support the Library.

In July 2009 the New York State Department of Education updated their guidelines for association libraries.  It is very clear:

“Trustee Elections:  Association Library bylaws should be amended by the board of trustees to ensure that all eligible voters within the library’s service area can “join” the library association and participate in annual elections to select library trustees.  It is usually best to hold the annual trustee election at the time of the vote on the library’s budget.”

13 of 19 Suffolk County association libraries have elected boards.  In 2011 the Shelter Island Library’s Board became an elected board without any community push.  The present appointed/unelected Westhampton Free Library board has stated that considering an elected board is a low priority.  There are taxpayers willing to help with the not difficult process of changing to an elected board but the board refuses to even consider the option.  Why?