Library Taxes

Our library taxes are due.

Some of us pay close to $500 a year to the Westhampton Free Library. Typically in America when you pay taxes you get to vote for those who spend your tax dollars.  That is taxation with representation, fair and square.

Not only do 13 of the 19 association libraries in Suffolk County have elected boards, but the New York State Department of Education states that association libraries should have elected boards.  In addition, the right to vote is a fundamental American right.

This important issue has been discussed in front of this board and in the local press since August 12, 2015.  As of now the Board is still considering the topic.  Obviously, their words and actions demonstrate a desire to remain an appointed oligarchy.  Unless the Board of Trustees of the Westhampton Free Library agrees to change to an elected board many of us will vote NO for the upcoming May 2016 library budget.  We will not pay taxes without having a say in the governance and operation of the Westhampton Free Library.