WHF Library Board Not Interested in Offers of Help

At the November, December, and January Westhampton Free Library Board Meetings, the Board stated that they are very busy with “pending litigation and union contract negotiations” (though it will be weeks or even months before the board sees the first contract, says a library employee), and researching the elected board issue is a low priority for them. Taxpayers at these meetings have suggested that an information-gathering committee be formed to assist the board in determining the pros and cons of appointed vs. elected library boards.  The committee could be comprised of taxpayers or could be one or two of the trustees dedicating some time to this topic.

This suggestion is in the hopes of promoting productive, honest and meaningful conversations about an elected board at our library, something that is important to a number of taxpayers.  These suggestions by multiple individuals at the last three meetings are met by stares from the board, a far cry from a welcoming, respectful manner.

In Tom Moore’s progress4whb.com website he states in the October 8, 2015, post:

“The Mayor appointed Dawn LaDu, Michelle Bugge, Karen Owens and Andrew DeRubeis to the Beautification Committee.  The spirit of volunteerism in and around village hall is infectious.  The further we can each spread this animating spirit that creates a synergy of contribution the better.  We look forward to seeing the work of Dawn, Michelle, Karen and Andrew.  Thank you.”

It’s wonderful to have volunteer committees in Tom Moore’s elected wife’s Westhampton Beach Village Hall, but not in his appointed Westhampton Free Library kingdom.