Striking Similarities between Iran and the Westhampton Free Library?

Iran’s “powerful hard-liners are moving to sideline more moderate leaders….Almost two-thirds of the 12,000 candidates who applied to run in next month’s parliamentary elections were either disqualified by Iran’s Guardian Council or withdrew.  The 12-member council vets political candidates …It is made up of six judges elected by parliament and six clerics appointed by Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who has the final word on virtually all important state matters.

Reformists have been largely sidelined since the opposition Green Movement was violently suppressed in 2009….Some reformists were sharply critical of the process…call[ing] the move undemocratic.”

Quoted from the Wall Street Journal front page, top of the fold article, “Iranians Squeeze Moderate Leaders”, by Aresu Eqbali in Tehran and Asa Fitch in Dubai, January 20, 2016 (bolding ours)

3 thoughts on “Striking Similarities between Iran and the Westhampton Free Library?

  1. The board does what is wants because it” CAN”….the board doesn’t do what the taxpayers want because it “DOESN’T HAVE TO” (under the current structure of an appointed board system.. the board will “ONLY CHANGE” when the tax payers “MAKE THEM CHANGE”.)
    You, the tax payer, pay your taxes to this library and have no say in their governance. Go to a board meeting and see for yourself, then ask this question…how can you take “MY” taxes and I have “NO” voice in how it is spent? then ask this one….you take “MY” taxes, “I CANT VOTE” for trustees and I have “NO VOICE ” in how my money is spent ” as well …this is “TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION “, isn’t it?
    Then ask this question….what qualifies you to sit on this board? how did you become a board member ? ..did you have to apply, were you elected or are you an heir to the board from one of the libraries founding members ?…why are you entitled to sit on the board ? ..if you want change, then “YOU, THE TAXPAYER WHO IS BEING DENIED YOUR RIGHT TO VOTE MUST MAKE THIS CHANGE”.


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