The Process is un-American

Some readers may think the Iran to the Westhampton Free Library comparison is a stretch, but when we read what’s happening with Iran’s governance selection model it sounds so similar to the appointed board of our local library.

This week Tehran barred 635 of the 801 candidates who had intended to run next month for seats in Iran’s Assembly of Experts, the body that selects and oversees Iran’s next Supreme Leader.  This is after last week’s disqualification of approximately 7000 candidates for next month’s elections to the Iranian Parliament.

The disqualifications were the work of the Guardian Council, an unelected body that vets candidates.  Per the Wall Street Journal, “The system allows the mullahs to hold popular ‘elections’ while ensuring no one who might challenge Islamist rule could ever be in a position to win a seat.”  Basically, no reformists get in.

We taxpayers want to ELECT our Westhampton Free Library trustees.  We want, for example, a trustee who is amenable to voting to change the bylaws to allow for an ELECTED, not appointed, Board of Trustees.  We want to hear all the potential candidates’ credentials and why they feel they deserve to be on the Board.  Allowing the four sitting appointed trustees to vet the candidates and make the selection themselves is un-American.  Especially in an institution funded by millions of taxpayer dollars.