Westhampton Free Library Taxpayers’ Suffrage

Twelve Reasons Why the Westhampton Free Library Taxpayers Should Vote

BECAUSE     it is the foundation of all political liberty that those who obey the Law should have a voice in choosing those who make the Law.

BECAUSE     Westhampton Free Library governance affects every taxpayer.

BECAUSE     the current Board of Trustees appoints whomever they want as trustees without consulting the taxpayers who fund the library.

BECAUSE     the taxpayer’s point of view as well as candidates’ competencies, credentials and platforms should be regarded by every taxpayer when it comes to selecting the Westhampton Free Library’s Board of Trustees.

BECAUSE     questions  raised by the taxpayers should be met with transparency and greater accountability.  Voting for and electing trustees leads to a more open and accountable Board of Trustees.

BECAUSE      taxpayers have experience which should be helpfully brought to bear on trustee selection.

BECAUSE     to deprive the Westhampton Free Library taxpayer of the right to vote for the library’s trustees is to lower their position in common estimation compared to the taxpayers of other association libraries who are permitted to vote.

BECAUSE     the possession of the vote would increase the sense of responsibility among taxpayers toward questions of public library importance.

BECAUSE     public-spirited taxpayers mean public-spirited patrons.

BECAUSE     large numbers of intelligent, thoughtful, hard-working Westhampton Free Library taxpayers desire the franchise.

BECAUSE     the objections raised against their having the franchise are based on sentiment and possible alliances to resigning board members who appointed them, not on reason.

BECAUSE     to sum up all reasons in one–IT IS FOR THE COMMON GOOD OF ALL.

(Based on the Women’s Political Union of New Jersey’s Twelve Reasons Why Women Should Vote)