Can You Guess Who the Next Trustee Will Be?

We wondered why the Westhampton Free Library didn’t advertise the appointment for the open trustee position as much as we think they could have.

Yes, there was a prominent quarter page ad in the January 28 edition of The Southampton Press that said there is currently one vacancy.  Other than that though, as best as we can tell, there was  a few second screen flip on the library’s website if you stayed on the homepage long enough to see it cycle through.  The circulation desk displayed a lengthy typed page about the appointment but without a heading, so we doubt many people took the time to read it.

On February 10 a local Westhampton Beach attorney told us he was contacted by the Board of Trustees of the Westhampton Free Library and was asked to submit a trustee application.  He was at the library for an interview.  Two other individuals–who were not asked to submit applications by the Board–were interviewed as well.

One candidate has extensive experience sitting on many boards, including a major association library board that elects its trustees.  She has vast volunteer and fundraising experience, including being involved in Friends of the Library.

What we taxpayers have a problem with is the APPOINTMENT of trustees.  Though the local attorney surely has experience as well, and is probably a competent, intelligent, caring and qualified individual, we taxpayers should have the right to ELECT those who govern our taxpayer funded library.  Again, it is nothing personal.

If this local attorney who was contacted by the Board to submit an application is the next trustee–how is this any different than the way Joan Levan ran her private club?  `