Hypocrisy? You Make the Call

On this Presidents’ Day, in a presidential election year in this great country of ours, let us consider:

Westhampton Beach Village Mayor Maria Moore’s term is up this year.

She has done a good job:  Glovers Lane Park, the clearing of the lot on the corner of Library Avenue and Main Street, Monday Night Movies, the Fall Harvest Festival, and furthering the possible sewer district discussion, to name a few things.

Will she run for mayor again?  We don’t know.

Should she run, however, we imagine her husband, Tom Moore, President of the Board of Trustees of the Westhampton Free Library, will help with the campaign and will ask for votes from Village taxpayers so that his wife can potentially be re-elected. That is fair and good and makes sense.

However, why is it right and just for there to be Village mayoral and trustee elections, but not elections for trustees of the taxpayer funded Westhampton Free Library?