Three New Trustees Appointed

Though Residents for a Free Westhampton Free Library are calling for an elected Board of Trustees at the Westhampton Free Library, a few of us view the appointments of three new trustees as a step in the right direction.

We know that two of these newly appointed trustees were not contacted by the current Board and asked to submit trustee applications.  Welcoming these two “outside” individuals shows that the Board is willing to move past the adherence to an insular, private club mentality that plagued the Board for years under the leadership of Joan Levan.

In addition, moving to the seven trustees permissible under the Westhampton Free Library’s Charter Amendment allows for greater diversification–more ideas, more experience, more wisdom, more manpower– which is typically a plus.

Taxpayers still want an elected board.  The “terms” of current Trustees Barbara Matros and Susan Rosenberg expire this July 2016.  There should be no more appointments at the Westhampton Free Library.

We hope to finally hear from the Board at the next Board Meeting on March 16 that they are ready to prioritize researching an elected board. Dozens of taxpayers believe this issue is just as important as any other facing our library at this time.  We’ve been hearing rumblings about upcoming charrettes this spring to explore attic and building renovations.  Before the Board adds anything else to their plate, we believe that Trustee Elections this July 2016 are of paramount consequence.  The Board needs to begin laying the groundwork for elections now.

Ms. Matros and Ms. Rosenberg are, of course, free to run for Trustee in July should we have elections.  All taxpayers should have the same right to govern our library.  All taxpayers should have the right to vote for trustees of our library.