What is the Plan?

Beginning August 12, 2015, taxpayers of the Westhampton Free Library have repeatedly asked the Board of Trustees to amend its by-laws to allow for public elections for trustees.

These appeals have been on multiple platforms:  during Public Expression at monthly board meetings, on a website, a Facebook page, with emails, distributed flyers, and a petition, and with articles, a Viewpoint piece, and Letters to the Editor in The Southampton Press. Yet we still had three trustees appointed on October 30, 2015, and three trustees appointed on February 16, 2016.

There should be no more appointments. Specifically, Susan Rosenberg’s term ends July  20, 2016 and Barbara Matros’ term ends July 10, 2016. Will the Library hold public elections as has been requested for the past seven months, or will there continue to be trustee appointments? Moving forward, what is the plan?

An email has been sent to the Board of Trustees respectfully requesting that this issue be placed on the agenda and publicly discussed at the next monthly Board Meeting which is Wednesday, March 16, at 7 pm.