The Community is Not Fairly Represented

The Board of Trustees of the Westhampton Free Library stated at the March 16 Board Meeting that their advertised search for a trustee produced only three applicants and, since each applicant was qualified, all three individuals were appointed as new trustees on February 16, 2016.  This is true.

However, with no ill will toward the new trustees because this is nothing personal, what taxpayers have stated before bears repeating. To many taxpayers the appointment process is flawed, not to say un-American, un-democratic, etc. Our Residents for a Free Westhampton Free Library had three eligible individuals from the Westhampton voting district very seriously interested in serving as a trustee of our library but knew, unequivocally, they would be denied appointment based on history and politics in our small town, so they wasted no time submitting applications. In addition, three other eligible individuals expressed interest, but felt similarly about the appointment process.

Many believe there will be more candidates with elections vs. appointments and the story above well illustrates that point. Or what could happen is the field is culled prior to declaring candidacy (i.e. those 6 individuals above would agree to just one of them running, thereby consolidating support and their base).  Mr. Moore, specifically, continually focuses on his perceived lack of interested volunteers as a defense to continue with an appointed board at the Westhampton Free Library, very concerned that no one will run for trustee election because so few people wish to sit on boards, in general, and serve,  but we believe that argument is pointless. People will step up. They always do.  More importantly, he misses the point of the basic right to vote.

We want elections.  We want representation with taxation. We want a government by the people.