A Moral Sense

“The fight for the vote…has never been a smooth glide.  At every step of the way, entrenched groups, fearing change, have fought back and tried to reduce the opportunity for political participation and power.

Do people care about the rules of democracy?  Conventional thought says no: too abstract…but people have grown angry that others are trying to curb their rights and are mobilizing to express that anger.  They are voting to protest the assault on their right to vote…

…Democracy has embedded within it a moral sense–that every individual is of equal worth and has the agency to shape the most important institutions affecting his or her life…We should all regard it as not just wrong but fundamentally illegitimate, indeed un-American, for anyone to try to make it harder for another American to vote…The fight to vote is at the heart of American history.”

From The Fight to Vote, by Michael Waldman, 2016, pages 261-264