Your Million Dollar Parking Lot

In the November 18, 2015 meeting minutes on the Westhampton Free Library’s website the Board of appointed Trustees committed funds for specific capital projects.  The Library has over $4 million liquid dollars in the bank

Under Action Items, #3, in the 11/18/15 meeting minutes it says:

“A motion to un-commit the funds committed for capital projects in the amount of $3,073,579 and commit the specific projects instead as per Auditor’s recommendation was made by Rosenberg and seconded by Matros. Approved.”

“Building expansion $1,300,000”:  This is the Ann Skovek donation.

“Land Acquisition (for parking lot) $1,000,000”:  Your accumulated tax dollars.

“New Computers $50,000”

“Interior Space Redesign $623,579”: Your tax dollars, on a new building, not yet 6 years old.

“HVAC replacement $100,000”: Your tax dollars.

“Total $3,073,579”

The Board of appointed Trustees also committed $147,905 of funds to Marketing our non-profit Library, and $150,000 was committed to a Legal Fund (also under Action Items in the meeting minutes, #1 and #2, along with other “committed funds”).

We want TRUSTEE ELECTIONS.  We want to hear from various candidates during an election what their ideas are for the future of our Library and how they would like to spend our large surplus of tax money.  Why does an appointed, insular, private club get to decide how to spend our tax dollars?  And why is there so much extra tax money in the Library’s bank accounts?

No more appointments.  No more spending our money without the public weighing in and offering options by way of a trustee election.  This Tuesday, 5/17, VOTE NO for the Library’s budget increase.

See Why Vote No to the Westhampton Free Library Budget Increase?

(NOTE: On October 30, 2015 three new trustees were appointed [Moore, Matros, and Rosenberg–who each never attended a board meeting prior to their 10/30 appointments].  Less than three weeks later, on November 18, these three trustees, along with veteran Mendelson, decided how to allocate our tax dollars.  Andrews resigned on 11/18.)

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