We are Merely Subjects to be Brainwashed

In the recent Southampton Press article we read:

“‘Those other libraries are serving as guinea pigs,’ said Westhampton Free Library Board President Thomas Moore when referring to other other association libraries that have had elected boards in place for decades in some instances (italics ours).”

We can understand the “guinea pig” reference if the timeframe is under five years.  But let us foolish taxpayers swallow that line.

Let us also remain hopeful that the Board of Appointed Trustees may one day decide to grant the taxpayers who fund the library with multi-millions of dollars the right to vote for them.  That’s after a detailed 14-page Report on the Selection of Trustees, and a 96-page backup document where they used our own money to hire a labor attorney to deny us our vote.

Why such an intense focus to retain absolute power?