We are Not the Guinea Pigs

“Those other libraries are serving as guinea pigs,” said Westhampton Free Library Board President Thomas Moore when referring to other association libraries that have had elected boards in place for decades in some instances.

The above quote is from a May 17, 2017 Southampton Press article.  We’ve already told you how the Port Jefferson (association) Library has had an elected board since 1990, Rogers Memorial Library in Southampton since 1996, Shelter Island since 2011.  The list goes on.

We’ve also noted how only 6 of 19 Suffolk County association libraries still maintain trustee appointments.  Westhampton Free Library is in that minority.

We’ve now learned that only 1 of 5 Nassau County association libraries maintains an appointed board of trustees.

Suffolk County: 68% of association libraries have elected boards

Nassau County: 80% of association libraries have elected boards

Long Island: 71% of association libraries have elected boards

What civil service and prevailing wage issues have plagued any of these Long Island association libraries with elected boards, Appointed President Moore?  None. Why isn’t that in your 14 page Report of the Selection of Trustees?