Hampton Bays Library Dissenting Voice

“Maybe the powers that be might ask the public for some input as to how to improve the problems without just dipping into our pockets as seems to be the case these days with public institutions,” says Hampton Bays resident John Pagan, referring to the Hampton Bays Library failed new building referendum.

Guess what?  The Hampton Bays Library is an association library with an APPOINTED board, just like the Westhampton Free Library.  The two libraries are in the minority six Suffolk County association libraries–out of 19 total–that cling to an authoritarian, un-democratic, un-American model of governance.

Trustees of taxpayer-funded institutions should be ELECTED.  Maybe the ruling powers that be–the appointed individuals in their own private clubs overseeing millions of our tax dollars–should amend their bylaws to allow for trustee elections.  Many association libraries have done just that with great success. Let the taxpayers hear the visions, suggestions and ideas of potential trustee candidates.  Appointments breed like-mindedness.  Appointed isn’t American.

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Letter to the Editor, Southampton Press, July 28, 2016