Who Might Be Appointed At This Month’s Board Meeting?

At the Westhampton Library board meeting this Wednesday, 12/14, 7 pm, we may learn who next the Library’s Board of Trustees will appoint, using the 1897 Charter as their guide.

Will it be a recent past WHB Village trustee? Will it be another individual from the Village administration? Will it be another appointee from the local law realm?

But, guess what? We have no idea! We don’t know any of the trustees’ qualifiations. We taxpayers fund the club with multi-millions of dollars, but we have no trustee voting rights in the club.

As of 12/1 three people submitted applications for one vacancy. But from thousands of taxpayers, just six appointed trustees will decide who can serve on the board with them. Where are the checks and balances?

And there are no rules or consistency.  When will the appointment be?  This meeting?  Next month’s board meeting?  Who knows?  And why did the Library publicize this trustee vacancy but not the vacancy in June when Eric Mirrell resigned on 6/15/16 and Mitchell Schechter was appointed the next day?

We vote for the school, Village and fire boards. But not for the Library board. It’s not 1897 anymore, and appointed isn’t American. Email the Library Board at board@westhamptonlibrary.org and offer your opinion. Come to meetings. Comment and start a conversation. Do you agree with taxation without representation?