Defending Their Appointments of Each Other

At January’s board meeting, the Library’s trustees defended their appointments of each other by saying that the Supreme Court Justices are appointed, so it should be fine that they are, too. They questioned if we’d like to change the Constitution.

Sadly, what they failed to realize or to remember is that, yes, the justices are appointed–by an elected president

No one is elected at the Westhampton Free Library. We have taxation but no representation.

There is a vacant trustee seat at the taxpayer-funded Library. Three eligible taxpayers have “trustee applications” pending (because there are no Library trustee elections like we have for our school, village or fire boards) but the appointed board determined that none of them meet their needs.  Two of these individuals spoke publicly about wanting an elected Library board.  (Read the recent Clinging to Power Letter to the Editor for more information.)

A private, closed club of individuals who appoint each other to the board determine how to spend our millions of tax dollars and they alone decide who gets to join the club.

They aren’t Supreme Court Justices and appointed isn’t American.