Board Diversity?

“We are looking for people who are interested and capable and bring diversity to the board and a great temperament to work for the betterment of the library,” said Appointed Library President Tom Moore at the February 15 board meeting.

Presently, the board consists of three appointed attorneys, two (retired?) schoolteachers, and one insurance professional.  Is that diverse?  Read my recent Letter to the Editor,  Clinging to Power, for more information.

Via Library trustee elections, the taxpaying public who funds the Westhampton Free Library should decide the makeup of the Library’s board.  Appointed trustees should not continue to appoint friends and like-minded individuals to serve in the private governing club.

Appointed is un-democratic and un-American.  Move into the 21st century and stop clinging to the 1897 Charter (below) granting self-appointed trustees of the “private corporation” absolute power.  Wealthy benefactors from 1897 no longer support Library operations, taxpayers do. Until trustee elections are permitted, VOTE NO to the upcoming Library budget increase.