Oh, the Tangled Web

These comments, though older, just had to be kept and copied from the Welcome Page….

Appointed on February 16, 2016, and attending only two board meetings (March 16 and April 13), Library Trustee Eric Mirell resigned on June 15 

Mitchell Schechter was appointed as the new trustee on June 16

Seems like we’ve still got a private club, folks! Read Thwarting Democracy.

Why didn’t the Board publicize Mirell’s resignation and request trustee applications?  Also, at the July Library Board Meeting, Jennifer Mendelson was re-appointed as a trustee.

The trustee application process at the Library seems to be a farce.  Appointed-by-Joan-Levan Board President Tom Moore informed the public at the June 15th Board Meeting of Mr. Mirell’s resignation.  Mr. Mirell was not in attendance.  Mr. Schechter was already in attendance and ready for his obviously pre-scheduled trustee interview at the close of the board meeting.  Sabina Trager submitted a trustee application on June 15th. She was not contacted at all.


At the July 13, 2016, meeting: Originally appointed by Joan Levan’s Board, Jennifer Mendelson was re-appointed as trustee, to a five-year term.  Ms. Mendelson’s husband, Andrew, is the 2nd Vice Chair of the Peconic Bay Medical Center (PBMC) Board of Directors.  Joan Levan also sits on the PBMC Board.

Note:  In 2014, Joan Levan was the campaign manager for now WHB Village Mayor Maria Moore.  Mayor Moore sat on the WHF Library Board until her August 2015 resignation.  Joan Levan appointed Maria’s husband, Tom Moore, to the Library Board when she resigned as President on October 30, 2015, under allegations of power abuse.

Also, appointed trustee Jennifer Mendelson and appointed trustee Susan Rosenberg are cousins.

The Board of Trustees of our taxpayer-funded Library should be elected.  Instead we have a private club.

Appointed isn’t American.