Oh, the Tangled Web

These comments, though older, just had to be kept and copied from the Welcome Page…. Continue reading “Oh, the Tangled Web”

Wednesday’s Library Meeting

The Westhampton Free Library Board of Appointed Trustees Meeting is this Wednesday, March 15, at 7 pm in the library.

There is still a vacant trustee seat at our multi-million dollar taxpayer-funded library. Continue reading “Wednesday’s Library Meeting”

Good, Honorable and Right for the Village but not for the Library?

“I wish more people would attend [the Village government meetings], but I know that’s not always possible. That is why we have a representative government. You elect us to represent your interests, and we work diligently to do so.” –Westhampton Beach Village Mayor Maria Moore, Facebook comment, February 25, 2017 Continue reading “Good, Honorable and Right for the Village but not for the Library?”

Board Diversity?

“We are looking for people who are interested and capable and bring diversity to the board and a great temperament to work for the betterment of the library,” said Appointed Library President Tom Moore at the February 15 board meeting. Continue reading “Board Diversity?”

Library King, er President, Calls Taxpayers “Abusive”

Unelected, appointed Westhampton Library President Tom Moore called respectful and civil taxpayers “abusive” during the Period of Public Expression at the February 15 board meeting. Continue reading “Library King, er President, Calls Taxpayers “Abusive””

Library Employee Pensions: Self-Appointed vs. Elected Trustees

There seems to be some confusion about how an association library’s trustee model relates to employee pensions. The quote below from Kevin Verbesey, Director of the Suffolk Cooperative Library System, should set the record straight: Continue reading “Library Employee Pensions: Self-Appointed vs. Elected Trustees”

Defending Their Appointments of Each Other

At January’s board meeting, the Library’s trustees defended their appointments of each other by saying that the Supreme Court Justices are appointed, so it should be fine that they are, too. They questioned if we’d like to change the Constitution.

Sadly, what they failed to realize or to remember is that, yes, the justices are appointed–by an elected presidentContinue reading “Defending Their Appointments of Each Other”

Throwback Thursday

TBT at the Westhampton Free Library. We still have an appointed board of trustees refusing to allow for trustee elections at the taxpayer-funded institution. We may even soon see a newly appointed trustee with the initials of SW. We elect school, Village and fire boards and should do the same at the Library.


Clinging to Power

At the December 14 Westhampton Free Library Board of Trustees meeting, the six appointed trustees determined that none of the three library taxpayers who submitted trustee applications meets the esoteric needs of the board at this time. Continue reading “Clinging to Power”

The Joke is on Your Hard-Earned Dollars

What should six appointed trustees of our taxpayer-funded library do with Ann Skovek’s $1.3 million donation? Continue reading “The Joke is on Your Hard-Earned Dollars”